May 27, 2017


Our Favorites

--Our Favorite Landscape Photos-- This gallery page contains mostly photos of landscape projects we've done.  But Brian is a real camera buff so we've thrown in a few general ones.  You'll have an opportunity to meet Chloe and Duncan, our favorite English bull dogs.  A...

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Woodinville Fantasy Garden

--Back Yard Transformation-- As is often the case, the homeowners knew they wanted to "do something" to improve and beautify the look of their outdoor area but didn't know what to do.   The corner of their back yard was very unattractive with a drainage ditch running through...

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Dream Decks and Patios

--Take Some Time To Dream-- If you are considering adding a deck and/or patio to your outdoor area, take some time to dream.  Sit back, close your eyes, imagine yourself in your outdoor area.  What do you see? A play space for your growing family? Create memories around a...

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Fences and Arbors

--Good Fences Make Good Neighbors-- Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. That is what Robert Frost claims in his  famous poem, The Mending Wall.  Whether or not that is a true statement (some people might feel that fences put up walls between neighbors), if you decide you need a...

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Stone and Rock

-Stone and  Rock for Low-Maintenance Landscaping- Stone and rock are often the choice for low-maintenance landscaping.  Unlike wood or plant material, stone and rock last forever.  Stone is a natural element the brings solidness and a sense of security to your garden area. ...

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Water Features

--Water Soothes the Soul-- Water has restorative powers.  It covers more than 72% of the earth's surface and about two-thirds of a human beings body mass.  In Masaru Emoto's book, The Hidden Messages of Water, he shows how water is deeply connected to our consciousness.  From...

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