May 27, 2017

Dream Decks and Patios

--Take Some Time To Dream--

If you are considering adding a deck and/or patio to your outdoor area, take some time to dream.  Sit back, close your eyes, imagine yourself in your outdoor area.  What do you see? A play space for your growing family? Create memories around a fire pit.  Perhaps you need a spot to unwind? A pergola, nestled in an oasis of rock, a dry stream arrangement, and drought tolerant plants provides the perfect small resting place.  A mediterranean look can be achieved through distinctive colored stones along with palms and ground covers.  Transform an otherwise drab concrete area into the serene experience of an Asian decor by adding bamboo for the fencing, a simple and elegant deck that highlights the natural beauty of the wood, plants such as Japanese Maple, Black Pine, and Nandina, and the soothing affect of water.