May 27, 2017

Our Favorites

--Our Favorite Landscape Photos--

This gallery page contains mostly photos of landscape projects we've done.  But Brian is a real camera buff so we've thrown in a few general ones.  You'll have an opportunity to meet Chloe and Duncan, our favorite English bull dogs.  A customer wanted a play yard and water pond for her pets.  We designed the area (including the short distance between the steps for short legs) just for the dogs!  And then Riley...our company mascot and devoted Jack Russel Terrier.  In his younger years (and Brian's younger years) Riley went to every job with him.  He is a favorite of many of our customers (on the day of arrival, they would have toys waiting just for him) and Brian would swear that it was Riley who "sold the jobs", not him!  Now that he is older (15) his days of traveling are limited but he is still just as special to us.  There is no other dog that can compare. Consider the photo of the son of a customer in Woodinville who wanted "stumps to jump on just like the neighbors".  Isn't that the way it is with kids?  Buy them expensive toys that will be quickly discarded in favor of something simple and inexpensive like the stumps made out of the trees we cut down for an area renovation. We hope you enjoy our portfolio of favorites!