May 27, 2017

Stone and Rock

-Stone and  Rock for Low-Maintenance Landscaping-

Stone and rock are often the choice for low-maintenance landscaping.  Unlike wood or plant material, stone and rock last forever.  Stone is a natural element the brings solidness and a sense of security to your garden area.  Stone comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and types.  In creating a Natural Northwest Theme, for instance, you can use a combination of small and large rocks and boulders.  A winding dry stream arrangement using smaller rocks can be used to add depth and interest.   Water tumbling over larger rocks and boulders produces a natural, soothing rhythm that is often just what is needed to bring balance back to the soul. Though Brian's main expertise is in design and plants, he has always been passionate about rocks.  Much memorabilia from trips over the years has been collected in rock.  This passion has been passed down to his son, Stefan, who owns Simply Rocks, a rock yard in Snohomish.  Stefan is also a master "stone" craftsman and they often work together on landscaping jobs.