May 27, 2017

Woodinville Fantasy Garden

--Back Yard Transformation--

As is often the case, the homeowners knew they wanted to "do something" to improve and beautify the look of their outdoor area but didn't know what to do.   The corner of their back yard was very unattractive with a drainage ditch running through it.   The only view from the back yard was a white fence, mailbox, and offensive trees.  It was bordered by a rotten timber wall.  After listening to the homeowners, Brian drew up a design and suggested they remove the rotten wall and rearrange a small rockery to make it look more natural.  As an added bonus, one of the old trees was cut up into stumps, pounded into the ground, and surrounded with play chips to make an inexpensive "stump jump"   - just like the neighbors had - for the children to play on. >>> Click here to see next featured project