May 27, 2017

Featured Projects

Snohomish Low-Maintenance Northwest Style Garden

The homeowners were tired of the lack of interest and beauty in their front yard.  They wanted to replace some of the lawn and have an area that was esthetically appealing  but easy to take care of.  We created a meandering pathway leading from the driveway to the front door...

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Woodinville Fantasy Garden

--Back Yard Transformation-- As is often the case, the homeowners knew they wanted to "do something" to improve and beautify the look of their outdoor area but didn't know what to do.   The corner of their back yard was very unattractive with a drainage ditch running through...

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Camano Island Beach Retreat

Because the homeowners were not at their beach home very often, they wanted a low-maintenance and drought tolerant landscape.  The vegetable garden and plantings had turned into a weed patch.   Since it was a beach area, the yard was transformed into a seaside look with...

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Ballard Mediterranean Paradise

This Seattle homeowner had an extremely sick lawn and wanted to install a Mediterranean Theme Garden.  We collaborated on plant selection to find plants that fit the style and were also low-maintenance.  For an additional inexpensive and creative touch, the homeowner added a...

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Swimming Pool to Mediterranean Theme

In this situation, the Capitol Hill homeowners wanted a swimming pool that was no longer used turned into a garden area.  The children had gone off to college and the needs of the homeowner had changed.  We filled in the swimming pool with pea gravel, added a statuary fountain...

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Queen Anne Asian Theme Deck

This Seattle homeowner, due to age related problems, was finding it increasingly more difficult to navigate steps. The stairs leading from the lawn up to the patio and into the house presented a potential health hazard.  The concrete patio was very unattractive and the...

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