May 27, 2017

Landscape Styles

Whenever possible, we use plant material native to the Pacific Northwest.  Many plants are drought tolerant, making your garden more sustainable and easier to maintain.  Also, native plants are more resistant to disease. 

Gardens To Relax In


It’s wonderful to be able to relax on the lake shore but if you can’t, you can still enjoy the soothing sound of water by installing a simple Bubbler Rock or small water feature that drips water into a pond.

Screening For Privacy

Bamboo is a great inexpensive way to add some privacy to your area.  There are many different ways to use it – create a small yard sanctuary, wall off a corner area, or fashion an unique and inviting deck.

To Entertain

 Whether a mild summer evening or a cold, clear, and crisp winter one;  singing songs, telling stories,  roasting hotdogs around the fire or languishing in the hot tub warms our spirits and creates lasting memories.

 For Children and Pets

From the smiling look on their faces, English Bull Dogs Chloe and  Duncan are very happy with a new outdoor arrangement customized just to their specifications.  Creating an inexpensive play area out of stumps from trees that were removed in a client’s yard makes for the kind of energetic fun a boy needs.

 Landscape Styles

What are you dreaming of?  Alpine trees, Mt. Hemlocks, and a dry stream arrangement to simulate the typical Northwest look?  Or a Mediterranean escape to replace one of those way too many gray Seattle days.  An intimate Asian style garden can be perfect to wind down after a stressful day.  There are many more styles that can be designed, such as a seaside experience.  Driftwood laid in a natural way amongst lavender and other drought tolerant plants brings the beach to you.

 Year Round Color

You can add year round color to your garden area by using plants such as Nandinas, Coral Bark Maples, and colored Evergreens.